Kirsten C. Kunkle
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Representation: MIA Artists Management
Maritza Sori Pita | +1 646 620 1313 |
Joseph Distefano | +1 872 239 4020 |


CountessLe Nozze di FigaroWilmington Concert OperaUpcoming
GiorgettaIl tabarroDelaware Valley Opera CompanyUpcoming
MotherSuor AngelicaDelaware Valley Opera Company2018
AgatheDer FreischützWilmington Concert Opera2017
MagdaThe ConsulOpera Tennessee2017
Suor AngelicaSuor AngelicaOperaLancaster2017
MotherAmahl and the Night VisitorsOperaLancaster2016
Suor AngelicaSuor AngelicaWilmington Concert Opera2016
Edith Standen Shadow House Philadelphia Opera Collective - World Premiere 2016
Sorceress Dido and Aeneas OperaLancaster 2015
Annie Jump Cannon Jump the Moon Philadelphia Opera Collective - World Premiere 2015
First Lady The Magic Flute Delaware Valley Opera Company 2015
Rosalinde (cover) Die Fledermaus Delaware Valley Opera Company 2015
Rosalinde Die Fledermaus Artisti Affamati, Chattanooga 2015
Mimì La bohème Windy City Opera, Chicago 2015
Mother Amahl and the Night Visitors OperaLancaster 2014
Dr. Frankenstein By You Who Made Me, Frankenstein Philadelphia Opera Collective - World Premiere 2014
Mother Amahl and the Night Visitors OperaLancaster 2013
Edgar Allan Poe Opera Macabre: Edgar Allan Poe Philadelphia Opera Collective - World Premiere 2013
Mother Amahl and the Night Visitors OperaLancaster 2012
Foreign Woman The Consul Philadelphia Opera Collective 2012
Voice on the Record The Consul Philadelphia Opera Collective 2012
Liza Pique Dame Russian Opera Workshop, Philadelphia 2012
Zemfira Aleko Russian Opera Workshop, Philadelphia 2012
Iolanta Iolanta Russian Opera Workshop, Philadelphia 2011
Brigitta Iolanta Russian Opera Workshop, Philadelphia 2011
Laetitia The Old Maid and the Thief Elliot and Friends Opera, Las Vegas 2010
Donna Elvira Don Giovanni Sieur Du Luth 2010
Mad Space Woman Toowhopera Georgia Music Association - World Premeiere 2009
Arnalta L’incoronazione di Poppea University of Michigan 2005
Witch Hansel and Gretel University of Michigan 2004
La Badessa Suor Angelica University of Michigan 2003
Fairy Godmother Fair Means or Foul Bowling Green Opera for Youth 2001
Gianetta The Gondoliers Black Swamp Theatre 2000
Marcellina Le nozze di Figaro Bowling Green Opera Theatre 2000

Opera Scenes

Magda The Consul Sieur Du Luth 2010
Cio-Cio San Madama Butterfly Georgia Music Teachers Association 2009
Second Lady Die Zauberflöte Georgia Music Teachers Association 2009
Mimi La bohème (Act I) Bowling Green State University 2008
Carmen Carmen Bowling Green State University 2008
Second Sprite Rusalka University of Michigan 2004

Oratorio / Concert

SoloistTimeless Love GalaWilmington Concert OperaUpcoming
SoloistMary Queen of ScotsVoices of Reason (Chattanooga)Upcoming
SoloistMusical Theatre ConcertWilmington Concert Opera2017
SoloistA Cabaret Concert with Therese MacaliCentral United Methodist Church (Albuquerque)2016
Soloist Darrenkamp & Friends concert OperaLancaster 2016
1st Place Winner American Protégé International Vocal Competition Winners' Recital Carnegie Hall 2014
Soprano Soloist Mozart's Coronation Mass Three Rivers Singers (Georgia) 2010
Soprano Soloist Christmas Processional Rome's Own Musical Ensemble (Georgia) 2009
Soprano Soloist Messiah Rome Symphony Orchestra (Georgia) 2009
Octavian Der Rosenkavalier Trio Dana Symphony Orchestra (Ohio) 2008
Soprano Soloist Music Under the Stars Toledo Symphony 2007–2008
Soprano Soloist The Boyer Concert & Evening Colors on the U.S. Brig Niagara Toledo Symphony 2007
Alto Soloist Mozart’s Requiem Toledo Choral Society (Ohio) 2007
Soprano Soloist Hebble’s Glad Tidings of Great Joy Grace Lutheran Church of Perrysburg (Ohio) 2006
Soprano Soloist Aelous Festival Toledo Symphony 2004
Soloist Collaborative Performance Salzburg, Austria 2001

Operetta Concert and Discography

Naxos Recording



Comic Opera Guild (Michigan)


Madame de la Fontaine The Lavender Lady
Chorus Mlle Camille
Chorus Naughty Marietta


Paula Angel Face
Muley The Tattooed Man
Lisette Berlier Her Regiment
Countess Helena The Prima Donna
Olga Old Dutch
Madame Abajour The Cat and the Fiddle
Mrs. Gay Miss Dolly Dollars
Ortensia The Viceroy


Adelaide High Jinks
Millicent Madison Algeria / Rose of Algeria
Radiola / Widow Hood Stepping Stones
Princess Wonderland
Maraquita The Idol’s Eye
Jane Bennet The Rainbow Girl
Susie The Velvet Lady
Moumoute The Enchantress


Algie Little Nemo
Julie Orange Blossoms
Zerbine The Madcap Duchess
Elsa The Singing Girl

Theatre/Musical Theatre

MoonThe Secret Show: A Cabaret of Scarcity and Abundance2017
Domina A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 2016
Opera Singer/Guardian Angel Machinal 2016
Margaret White Carrie The Musical 2013
Lady Thiang The King and I 2004
Rosa Bud Mystery of Edwin Drood 2000
Berthe Pippin 1998
Fiona Brigadoon 1998
Adelaide Guys and Dolls 1997
Lady Larkin Once Upon a Mattress 1997
Marian The Music Man 1997
Narrator Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 1997
Rose (Teacher) Working 1996
Bloody Mary South Pacific 1996
Mrs. Brice Funny Girl 1994
Dickens Singer/Dancer A Christmas Carol 1992–1996





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  • "Within all of the metal and harshness of the world, there was the voice calling out to the Young Woman, daring her to keep going. Kirsten is like a Siren from a dark sea, seducing the Young Woman to jump off the ship... Kirsten is an amazing artist. Obviously she is a gifted soprano with a powerful and beautiful voice. But she is also an amazing performer. She knows how to use her whole body to tell a story, not just her voice. I personally find her to be hypnotizing on stage and she is really willing to make bold choices. I always look for excuses to have her on the team." - interview of director Brenna Geffers by Henrik Eger, DC Metro Arts (May 11, 2016) for Machinal.
  • "Kirsten C. Kunkle's vocals are bewitching and she gives a stand out performance as part of the solid ensemble." - Rebecca Rendell, Talkin' Broadway (April 30, 2016) for Machinal.
  • "The piercing vocalizations performed by Kirsten C. Kunkle complement the oneiric experience mourning the heroine’s struggle and introducing a mystical, almost supernatural, element to the scenic reality." - Katarzyna and Cain Elliott-Maksymowiczon, PA Theatre Guide (April 25, 2016) for Machinal.
  • "Saturating nether-world noise, distinctive lighting, and ethereal vocalities, including Kirsten Kunkle’s sublime singing, soundtrack a woman’s fight for air." - Lisa Panzer, Phindie (April 26, 2016) for Machinal.
  • "Her three ladies in waiting also had comedic chops to match their vocal skills." - Michael J. Miller, Broad Street Review (July 18, 2015) for The Magic Flute.
  • "...A perfect vehicle for the resonant, mellifluous voice of soprano Kirsten C. Kunkle" - Debra Miller, Phindie (September 15, 2014) for By You That Made Me, Frankenstein.
  • "The best operatic performer...Kirsten C. Kunkle (Dr. Frankenstein)" - David Patrick Stearns, Philadelphia Inquirer (September 15, 2014) for By You That Made Me, Frankenstein.
  • "With an intermezzo that features soprano Kirsten Kunkle singing the "Music of the Spheres" (inspired by a line from Poe’s memento-mori poem "The Conqueror Worm"), OPERA MACABRE is sure to capture all the "chilling suspense and lurid language" of the 19th-century-Gothic author." - Deb Miller, Stage Magazine (July 29, 2013) for Opera Macabre: Edgar Allan Poe.
  • "Kunkle’s beautiful operatic voice marks a great contrast to the other musical styles found in the show. It helps set her character apart and establishes her as a force of her own." - Chris Laning, Stage Magazine (October 23, 2013) for Carrie: The Musical.
  • "Kirsten Kunkle used fiery dark tones to play the dramatic gypsy woman, Zemfira" - Steve Cohen, Broad Street Review (July 22, 2012) for Aleko.
  • "[Her] performance of the piece (Pasek & Paul's Lying There) was magnificent" - Ivory Nelson, Lincoln University president (2011).
  • "Kirsten C. Kunkle was an effective Arnalta" - Michael H. Margolin, OPERA (Volume 57, No. 4 - April, 2006) for L'incoronazione di Poppea.
  • "Infectiously Vivacious" - Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune for The Gondoliers (2000).

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